Originally developed as a sister company of Nested – the parent company running in the property selling market since 2016), Even was designed to be an equity loan partner, enabling new home buyers to double up their deposit to buy a home sooner, and sharing profits (or losses) when selling a property.

From the get go this brand had to be a "shortcut to home ownership", but without the fuss or jargon-heavy tone-of-voice from the market. All about being personable, trustworthy and fun.

The process involved quick design directions for 3 naming ideas, user testing those with a demography chosen by Nested, and using the feedback to dictate the naming and directions to go.

The concept chosen with a simple flip of the "e", meaning equality, partnership and face-to-face, giving it a quirky and distinct look and feel supported by a heavy serifed typeface – unusual choices in the same industry.

To support the brand identity, the so called "expression lines" were used to expand the direct and fun tone-of-voice, emphasising the idea of clear communication and giving a set of elements to support the visual identity.

The strong contrasting colours (tested favourably in the research phase) are used as backgrounds and standout touches when the clean off-white is predominant.

Illustrations: Pietro Soldi